Sun Jul 14, 2024  



As an employee of Centerplate, I recognize and understand that the workplace electronic systems are the property of Centerplate and are to be used for conducting Centerplate business only. I understand that use of this equipment for private purposes is prohibited. I understand that Centerplate's prohibition against sexual, racial, and other forms of harassment is extended to include the use of electronic systems. I agree not to access a file or retrieve any stored communication other than where authorized unless there has been prior clearance by an authorized Centerplate representative.

I am aware that Centerplate reserves and will exercise the right to review, audit, intercept, access, and disclose all matters on its electronic systems at any time, with or without employee notice, and that such access may occur during or after working hours. I am aware that the use of a Centerplate provided password, code, or my own password on Centerplate's computer systems or software does not restrict Centerplate's right to access electronic communications. I waive the right to assert claims of invasion of privacy or any other claims arising out of or pertaining to the use of the electronic systems against Centerplate. I am aware that violations of this policy may subject me to disciplinary action, up to and including discharges from employment.

I authorize that I have read and that I understand Centerplate's policy regarding electronic systems and that I have read and that I understand this notice. Further, I understand that Centerplate has the ability to override any password for the purposes of system security and monitoring.

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